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31 December 2018 @ 11:59 pm
semi F-locked banner

In this journal of mine you'll probably find lots of fandom and available downloads. Mostly JPN-related... Though I must warn you that I do post a lot of random stuffs such as rants and the usual ramblings.. You've been warned!

I already did a massive friends-cut so if you don't plan to comment to any of my posts or either update your journal I'd probably take you out once your added.

Feel free to add me up, though for me to add you up please comment here.
Please do include why you want to me as a friend or how you landed here at my domain...

『☆Randomly adding me doesn't ensure the fact that I'd add you back☆』

Thanks !! And I hope we could all be good friends~ (・^ω^・)♪

26 January 2012 @ 04:19 pm
I just want to inform everyone who's interested in my files, that I'll be locking ALL of my JE-related post some time in February.

In line with this, I've edited most of my posts and included all the passwords in it so you don't have to go asking me for it anymore. You can DL it if you want throughout the period of the post being public.

19 August 2011 @ 07:08 pm
Hello everyone~!!

Just got home this week from a family vacation to Singapore!! \o/

Weather was very HOT, coundn't think how the locals stand the heat. Food was good but I think some of the them have strong tastes, took some getting used to. But maybe I should just blame my italian-loving taste buds instead, there's quite a gap of taste difference.

Still love the whole vacation though! Except for the whole airplane trip because of the screaming children which I could not blame because that's a natural occurence. Poor kids though...

I was hoping that by going there I could buy some JE-related stuffs but I guess I was looking/going through the wrong places? I dunno, maybe next time I go there I'll clearly interview some of you who live there on where to go XD. I did, however, able to buy some Harry Potter shirts which is a up side for me.

Lots of European tourists by the way.. Even got a kiss to the cheek by a Spanish lady when she asked that I take her photograph. Some British ladies were talking about the riot that was happening during that week.. Shame that instead of just having a relaxing time, they were constantly trouble by the thoughts of what the riots have caused in their hometown..

The Universal Studios there was crowded when I got there! And we got there half past the theme park's opening time, mind you. But like Disneyland, it's like being a kid again! But in the end, I ended up buying lots of sweets rather than remembrance from US SG. XD Pretty sure my aunt will probably scold me for that but oh well... xp

In other news aside my life, I'm starting to lock most of my JE-related media downloads. I'll probably leave my Ya-Ya-yah & J.J. Express individual post open for public but the rest must be locked since there's a growing number of people leeching off and keeping breaking said agreement. Will probably start sharing again in a few weeks time though ^_^

Anyway, 'til my next post~ Miss you all !!

I'm now fully back on LJ, now that all my school-related works and exams are forever finished ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ

Harry Potter is ending. Watched the films last week and 'twas awesome. Quite fast-paced than I hoped for but still spectacularly brilliant!

Have any of you watched it yet?

It has gotten the best of me these past few weeks so I barely did any translations nor media sharing. Though I did finished making inooaday's new header. I've yet to join it with it's needed codecs but I'll probably put it up soon..

Anyway, as all of you know, my journal has been a huge part of a way for me to share my love of different fandoms to everyone. In light with this I'd like to say 'Thank You' to everyone who has been kind enough to leave their appreciation in simple comments especially those not in need of passwords.

With that said, I'll be locking most of JE-related media posts in the coming days. Why? Well, for starters I only get a few feedbacks if it isn't password protected, some even have the tendency to be rude whenever I do password-protect my files. Second, I saw some re-uploaded file or re-posted translations without consent, or even worst without due credit. Lastly because JE-related medias have just always accompanied with privacy issues.. But I would like to say again that I wouldn't randomly add people just because they want the files. No Sir!

To those unrelated to it will remain public for everyone to view as well as previous or future translations.

Also, I'll be doing a F-cut yet again in soon because I nearly interact or know those who are on my F-list. They are called 'friends' for a reason.. I'd like to make friends and know more about people of different kind and not just because they want my files. So I say it again, if you're only interested in my files I'm sorry but I won't be entertaining any of your request. If it's close, it's close. I did left it open for a long time...

Lastly, I'd like to address everyone who has been asking for my files' password: If I have failed to give it (the password) to you when you know that you have followed my request, leave a comment here directing me to yours. I'd gladly send it to you ASAP.
Sorry for the inconvenience but I was busy these last few months so I have lost track to all of your request.. I hope you understand..

And to those who would like to be friends, a comment will much be appreciated so I do not cut you off my list or so I can add you as well. Whichever it is appropriate (^o^).
You call also add me up on twitter: @le_doux if you have one since I'm most active there..

28 June 2011 @ 10:10 pm

My exams are nearing and its making me a bit aggitated !! (>x<)
Praying and Hoping for the best~!

Doing my best to study and trying not to get overwhelmed by everything thus I want to share this to everybody in light to the unfortunate news about Ryutaro.. Read through some articles and Johnny's official announcement already, just hoping that they would'nt remove him out of JUMP because Hey! Say! JUMP will forever be a 10-member group and lacking one is too much!

2011.06.29 Release

¥1,000(tax in)

¥1,000(tax in)


This is not yet OVER...Collapse )
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30 May 2011 @ 03:41 pm
Hello everyone~

Its starting to rain again..
I'm starting to feel a bit under the weather but let's all try to stay healthy!
Been drinking a lot of English tea lately, do anyone of you have any suggestions as to what I should try next? Or better yet a cure for this seasonal flu! *sigh*

Still quite pre-occupied with reviewing for me exams so I haven't been much active in LJ..
Though I have been on Twitter.
To those who have one, feel free to add me up: twitter.com/le_doux

I'm also sorry for not being able to reply to those who have been asking for passwords for my files. I'll get back to replying to those request by mid-July, when I'm no longer dreading sitting on exams.

Well, I have to get back on studying since I didn't attend classes for the day.. !(◎_◎;)
Best of luck to all.
Take Care everyone~!!
20 May 2011 @ 11:45 am
Everyone how are you???
Have you finished all you school works?
Or are you as busy as I am..?

Summer's nearing/ending for some and I have yet to actually enjoy it. The weather isn't that good but I guess that what happens when Global warming strucks in XP.

I'm constantly busy with reviewing for my exam so I haven't been as active on LJ as I'd like to be... But I do hope everyone's doing well.

Today's my 'off day' from studying. Maybe I'll go and watch Pirates of the Carribean or just laze around and read a little XD
Whatever it may be I just hope it'll be a productive day~

Also, I'd like to address those who have been constanly adding me up randomly. As what I have said before, I wouldn't add you back. And to those who are asking me to add them for downloads, I don't quite see that as much of a good reason to do so. Sorry...

Anyway, to the friends I have come to know and love (and to those who I still have yet to do so)... I hope we can still keep in contact.


xxx Reiko
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25 February 2011 @ 09:53 am
 The past few weeks months had been grueling hectic that I was not able to be very active in LJ. School's been demanding so much from me so I really didn't much have leisure time to be online that much and update or interact with all of you as much as I would've want. Now is my only free week or so before I am yet buried again for exams and reviews coming up in the next few weeks so I'll try as much as I can to make things in here alive.

For those who have been messaging me and I failed to reply, I'm terribly sorry. Would reply to each of you in moment's time.

Also, I would like to clarify to everyone that I WILL NOT do random adding of friends, if you want to be friends with me feel free to add a comment here or message me via PM, AND NOT BECAUSE OF MY FILES. 

Speaking of files, I would like to inform everyone that previous posted files of mine will be f-locked in due time. I dunno when but I'll do so, if you're interested in getting these files I suggest you leave a comment in the post before the post gets locked.

Anyway, that's all for now. I'll try to update my journal and communities in the upcoming days. Please look forward to it, yoroshiku~!!

P.S.: If anyone would like to keep in contact with me feel free to add me up in twitter in which I am most active recently