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There's nothing much to say about me except for a fact that most of my entries here are locked so it may seem empty...

I love Japanese music as well as Japanese drama. I'm still fanning over Johnny's Entertainment (ever since Arashi's 'Hero'?). Currently, you'll find downloads related to Johnny's Entertainment but I did post unrelated stuffs about them before I'll try to be unbiased in posting next time.

I also fancy reading novels and fanfictions but I'm not one to ship both genders together (Sorry!) but I don't mind, or rather I don't bash/flame, those type of stories we do all have a right, right?

I also have a thing for Animes but sadly, I haven't watched any yet recently. Suggestions anyone?

Overall, I'm just a student trying to enjoy life as it is. Studies are pretty hectic these days but I do try my best to try and update here once in a while.


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